The Presidential Debatacles

        "Responding to widespread criticism that the major parties’ requirements have rendered scheduled presidential debates meaningless by eliminating third parties, spontaneity, difficult issues, or the need for any actual thought from the candidates, the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) agreed to change the format for Thursday’s event.
        Under the new format, Kerry’s hair gives the Democrat an early edge, but inside word has it the G-man looks smashing in a swimsuit and has a special surprise planned for the talent competition."

Presidential debates should get makeover, 9-28-2004, By Drew Herman

What's scarier than Halloween? Yes! It's the fake, masked, contrived, and badly-costumed Presidential Debates! No unscreened questions! No follow-up! No camera shots of the candidates together!

What's REALLY scary is that we can't depend on the candidates to get the facts straight, or the media to check the facts for us, or the pundits to do the real analysis we NEED to decide who we want to vote for.

Instead, let's do our own analysis - with humor as well as facts, with the quips and snide comments as well as the truths we'll be saying at home. As part of the IntegrityMeter (TM), we plan to tape the debates, and then insert the comments, analysis, 'no way, here's what you really said six months ago!' fact-checking that these so-called debates really deserve. Along, of course, with our pick of the best quips, snide asides, *real questions that should have been asked*,and so on.

We need and want your input and participation. What can you do? Well first, you can help us tape the debates on every channel(and before and after) , so we can also slam our biased media for their inane and useless commentary! A comparison of biases, if you will. See below for how to do this.

Second, if you can, audiotape yourself and your friends while listening to the debate and commentary - so we can get those first-impression quips, rants, groans, and comedic commentary attached to the appropriate candidate's comments. Taking some notes is a good idea also and may be quicker in the short run. Think of this as fodder for a Mystery-Science-Theater-3000 type approach (a comedy in which a guy and three robots make fun of B movies as they play).

Third, we're also looking for satire - but truthful satire - on the ludicrous debate process itself, and the democratic and media problems it exposes.

So - writers, cartoonists, ranters and artists - please get your pens and computers ready!

Fourth,you can join our discussion list, Practipol8 ("It's time the electorate took politics into its own hands - at least to make fun of!"), for satirical, as well as real, discussion about the debates, the election, and our current ludicrous system. This is a new project - so we want your ideas, dark humor, and the silly responses which are all this 'debatacle' deserves.

It's time for us to resist having this bogus process shoved down our throats - so please, help us re-do the debates, *with* the best satirical comments, fact-checking, and cynical remarks available. Finally - the chance for democratic participation you've been looking for!

We also need web and design help, writers, video and streaming people... and hey, it's only for a few short weeks!

TAPING THE DEBATES - Enjoy Your Cynical Nature!

- PLEASE NOTE: If you are seeing this web page without the comment box, click here

Add your name and what channel you're willing to tape, in the comment box below. Duplication of channels is fine, but please try to fill in where we're missing channels. And if you'd like to tape a news commentary show instead - whether on Fox, PBS, CNN, MSNBC, or the local religious channel) especially the local religious channel! - please note that too!

See below for a list of channels we already have being taped, though feel free to help us have a back-up copy; if you're willing to tape a channel (VCR is good, TIVO is better, taping through your digital video camera so it is already digitized also great)we don't have listed and can send us a tape or work with clips yourself, please enter the channel and your name in the comment box at the bottom of this page. And drop us an email at
practipol8-admin AT global-dialog.org to let us know who you are and that you want to play!
CHANNELS and the people who are taping them (one or two duplicates are fine, for safety/backup sake):

CNN - Valerie
MSNBC - Annie
Fox News - Stacy
PBS - Alex
CBS - Vince