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4.Democracy, Civil Liberties, and Freedom
3.The 21st Century Question: What Next?
2. Ripples of the Events of 911
1. The Initial Vision
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Massive compilation of links and resources on the 2004 Presidential Election

Librarians' Index to the Internet. Links include absentee voting, campaign commercials, the candidates, political fact-checking, polling place locators, presidential biographies, election law, electoral college, and voting machines and voting software. Searchable.

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Egads, the Presidential Election Campaign 2004

A user-friendly guide for those who want some new perspectives and facts with their election

John Kerry campaign         George Bush campaign

We've got two silver-spooners running against each other.."
- Bill O'Reilly on The Daily Show, 10-7-04

Why do we say 'Egads'? Because TWO wealthy, Yale-University- Skull-and-Bones-secret-society white guys cannot POSSIBLY represent the vast breadth of knowledge and experience that is America. Because this election is already overshadowed by problems of voting integrity, disgustingly partisan politics, factually incorrect campaign attack ads, and a media that doesn't know how to do its job, which is *check the facts for us before presenting the story*.

Because after a ridiculously long pre-campaign onslaught, we still don't have cogent and truthful presentations of the facts about the candidates, and the long-term implications of their election.

Because if we were given a choice on the ballot of
'None of the above, I'd like new choices dammit!', many people would take it.

Because the American system is capable of better, and Americans are capable of better, and because the American voter deserves more. So in many important ways, this is a sad, sad, election.

However, it's also an important one - an election that may decide not only the course of the country, but the course of the whole world. Seriously!! So if you care at all about the future - your own, your country's, the world's - it's time to get real and be open-minded enough to look at the actual differences between Bush and Kerry. We plan to call them on their hypocrisy, mistakes, lack of clarity, and refusal to address certain questions and themes - you can help us by posting the questions YOU want answered at
Questions for the Candidates

You can check out our unique assessment of the candidates, the IntegrityMeter.

Because if what a candidate says, and what a candidate DOES, do not match, then you know not to trust what he's saying now! Not to mention that the most hypocritical presidential candidate should probably lose - and only you can help with that part, by voting.